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16 Messy Stag Party Drinking Games

Vini, vidi, vici!
(We came, we saw, we drank!)

Every good stag weekend needs some vital ingredients; fun, games, alcohol and a group of friends willing to put their livers on the line in the name of giving the groom/condemned man an epic final send off. So here are a few stag party drinking games to help get your party started.

You’ll need; A bungee rope, cans of beer, belt or harness.

Attach the bungee rope to a fixed point (tree or post) and fix it the harness. Set the beer twice the length of the bungee rope away. Put a stag in the belt/harness and they must run to get the beer before without the bungee pulling them back (cameras at the ready, they could go down hard).

Set up a second rig if you want the guys to run races.

You’ll need; Pen and paper, a bag or hat (or an empty pint glass will also do) and some shots.

All of the guys must write a secret about themselves, fold it up and drop it into the bag.

The first player picks a secret out of the bag and tries to guess whose it is. If they’re wrong, the player guessing takes a shot. If they’re right then the person whose secret was revealed takes the shot.

You’ll need; Score cards and pencils.

This is a nine hole/bar stag party drinking game. Each player must keep score of how many gulps it takes to finish his drink by writing the number on score sheet. Whoever completes the round with the lowest score is the winner. The loser, surprisingly, is the player with the highest score and must take a forfeit.

At any point in the evening when a member of the stag party finishes their drink, they can raise their glass upside down over their head. The rest of the stags then race to drink up and put and hold it over their head. The last one to see it must pour whatever is left in his glass over his own head!

You’ll need; A round of beers.

Divide everyone into two equal teams standing in two lines, side by side, facing the other team, with a beer each.

On command from the best man the race begins and the first person on each team downs their beer and places the empty glass upside down on their head. The next player in their team then downs their beer and puts their glass on their head, etc. First team to finish all their beers and have their glasses on their head are the winners.

You’ll need; Some cans of beer, two blindfolds.

Blindfold two contestants and sit them across a table from each other. Take a six-pack of beer and place them on the table near the contestants. Take one can and shake it up and place back among the other cans.

Remove the players' blindfolds, the first player chooses a can which he passes to his opponent who must then hold that can over their head, before opening it. If he doesn’t get a beer shampoo he picks the next beer for player one. Whoever gets wet, loses.

Time for a sing-a-long. If you’re in a pub have the DJ play the Tom Jones classic “Delilah”. Every time you hear her name the whole group has to take a swig of their drink. Anyone judged to have anything left in their glass at the end of the song must pay a forfeit.

You’ll need; A deck of cards and an empty glass.

Take twice the number of cards as there are stags (including the four jacks and one ace). Shuffle the cards and hold them out to the person on your right. He picks a card. If it’s not a Jack he’s safe and he takes the remaining cards and holds them up to the player on his right.

The first person who picks a Jack pours some of their drink into an empty glass. The second, third and fourth guys who draw a jack do the same. Once all four Jacks have been drawn the player who draws the ace must drink the “cocktail”.

You’ll need; A box of matches and a pint glass.

Fill the pint glass by each pouring some of your own drink into the glass. Empty the matches onto a table. The guys then take it in turns to pick up 1, 2, 3 or 4 matches, the player left with the last match has to down the cocktail.

You’ll need; A deck of cards.

Deal a card to each player in turn face up.

  • The first guy to be dealt an ace chooses a drink (the nastier the better) which he announces to the group.
  • The second player to get an ace has to pay for the drink that was chosen by the first ace player.
  • The player who gets the third ace has to go to the bar and get the drink.
  • Whoever gets the final ace has to down the drink in one.

You’ll need; One suit from a deck of playing cards.

The best man holds the cards and all the guys pick a card each. Each card has a stag party drinking game value;

  1. Ace – The Waterfall - Everyone downs their drinks.
  2. You - Pick someone to down their drink in one.
  3. Me - Down your drink in one.
  4. Fingers - Drink four fingers of another stag’s drink.
  5. Dive - Find a girl, get down on the floor and kiss her feet.
  6. Chicks - You have five minutes to get a girl to let you take a photo of her cleavage.
  7. Heaven - Find yourself an angel and let her know how special she is by suddenly bursting into song.
  8. Beer Buddies - Pick another stag to join you, both down your drinks in one.
  9. Rhyme - The player who drew the card says a short sentence, and everyone has to say something else that rhymes. The first person that can’t rhyme must down their drink.
  10. Man Up - Arm wrestle the groom.
  11. Jack - The Lad Set a dare for any of the guys.
  12. Queen of Hearts - Find yourself a queen, you have ten minutes to get her number.
  13. King - Kings Cup All the players must pour some of their drink into a glass, you must then down the “cocktail”.

To start the game, someone has to say a random word (i.e. pencil). The next player has to say a related word (i.e. paper). This continues around all the players until someone messes up and says an unrelated word or hesitates. He must down half his drink. The game then starts again.

This is a simple stag party drinking challenge. The first player takes a coin and holds it ready on a flat surface next to a pint of beer. He then spins the coin, once it is in motion, he has the time it takes the coin to stop spinning to drink his pint.

You’ll need; A deck of cards and a girlie cocktail.

Have the barman make up a suitably rancid drink and place it at one end of a table. Now remove the four aces from the deck and lay them side by side on what is now your starting line. These are the horses. Now take all the picture cards and place them in two parallel either side of and leading away from the horses, these are now the rails of your racetrack.

Choose four jockeys from amongst the group, each jockey has to choose a horse/ace to “ride”. The race commentator now takes the remaining playing cards and calls the race to order. He starts the race by turning over the first card, if it’s a club the ace of clubs moves one place up the table…

The commentator will keep up the excitement calling the race as the horses are cheered on by their jockeys. The jockey whose horse crosses the line last has to drink whatever potion is waiting at the finish line.

You’ll need; A round of beers and a bag of peanuts.

Each player gets a pint of lager and a peanut, the best man gets everyone under starter’s orders and when he says the word, all the guys must drop their peanut into their beer. The peanuts will sink to the bottom, then bubbles will form around it and it will rise slowly back up to the surface. The person whose peanut is last to reach the top must sink their beer in one (remove the peanut first).

Our final stag party drinking game. During any point of the evening the best man will freeze, the rest of the group must also freeze. The last man to freeze must down his drink in one.

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