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Best Man Duties

The Build Up

Wedding Planning

These days couples plan their weddings with near military precision and as best man you’re the happy couples “grunt”. That means you need to be on hand to help out as required.


Chief among your best man duties is to make sure the groom has someone to call on when the wedding madness hits critical mass. Having to choose just one out of 200 dresses that all look the same to him, picking the perfect font for the invitations, what colour to dye the swans, all these things are now among the most important things in the bride-to-be’s life, that means the groom has to care about them too (whether he wants to or not. So taking him for "wedding fact finding missions" to his favorite pub could be a vital pressure release.

And perhaps enjoy a beer or two, well it’s a pub, so it would be rude not to.

The Stag Party

As the best man it's down to you to organise the stag do. A weekend of such epic proportions that Morgan Freeman will want to narrate it. You can find evil genius ideas inspiration on our Stag Party Pages.

The Transport

Another of your best man duties is to get the main man to the ceremony on time, in one piece and wearing matching socks. Don't leave anything to chance, this isn't the Fast and Furious, the groom and his best man should arrive looking cool, calm and collected not chased by blues and twos. So check ahead to see if there are any road works or local events that might get in the way come the big day.

The Suits

Yes, you will be wearing a suit that someone else has chosen but this isn't your big day, if you're asked to give an opinion try to support the couple's choice, it’s their big day. Unless you hear the words "frilly cuffs" in which case call the fashion police immediately!

Best Man Trivia

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On The Day - Team Groom!


The groom will either be cool as ice and taking it all in his stride, or more nervous than a death row inmate at a leaving party. He just one cufflink away from meltdown, make sure you are the rock in his sea of insanity. Forget any nerves about your wedding speech, it's his day so the calmer you appear, the more it’ll help stay relaxed. “Team groom!”

The Groomsmen

Believe it or not, there might be other groomsmen even more clueless than you. It's down to you to get them working like clockwork. There’ll need to hand out orders of service, hymn books, direct traffic, tell guests where to sit. Make sure you know the roles ahead of time to avoid confusion on the day. The groom has enough to worry about, you’re now his ‘blocker’ to keep annoying questions away.

If there are any young kids in the groom’s party assign one of the other groomsmen to make sure they’re OK and know where to be and when.


You’ll probably be checking your pockets every five minutes but here’s a handy tip; when it comes to the moment in the ceremony when the couple have to pick up the rings out of the boxes and place them flat on your palms, it’ll make it easier if they have nervous, shaking hands.


You can be sure that just as the photos are about to be taken, the bride’s aunt/uncle/grandad will go AWOL. No one wants to be waiting for ages while the missing relative is found, so another important best man duty be on hand to make sure the right people appear in the right photos.

Master of Ceremonies

If the wedding doesn't have an official MC then it could become another of your best man duties. You’ll need to introduce each of the speakers and bring things to a close at the end of your own speech.

Best Man's Speech

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Get the Party Started

Having got the groom to the church on time, not lost the rings and had the guests in hysterics with your hilarious speech, you’re probably ready for a well-earned drink while planning your new career as a stand-up comedian. Well, that fat lady ain’t singing and your best man duties aren’t over yet.

Once the newly-weds have performed the first dance it’s traditional for the best man to dance with the chief bridesmaid. Then you need to get everyone else on the floor. Even if you’ve got the dance moves of Peter Crouch, throw yourself into the role and help get the party moving and make sure the dancefloor is never left empty.


You’ll also need to play defense for the happy couple; the caterers, photographer, DJ, bar staff, band, Uncle Tom Cobley and all will want to bother the new Mr & Mrs with needless questions. Be on hand to give answers and if you're not sure of the exact answers then consult with the bride's parents or the bridesmaids to solve any problems, allowing the stars of the show to enjoy their evening with guests.

Job done. To the bar! You’ve earned it.

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