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Organising and communicating with the stag do can be made so much easier by creating a Group Page on Facebook.
Creating a group page will not only let you keep everyone updated on all the changes but it will allow the rest of the group to contribute ideas.

Also it's a great way to share a few images of the main man and guests before the event and share all the photos afterwards.

It's easy and only takes a few minutes.

On the left hand side panel of your home page you'll find Facebook's insight panel. Head down the list of apps and click on the “See more…” button. You’ll then see the app to "Create Group...".

Once you click on this a pop-up will open for you to enter the details of the group. Give the group a name and then invite all the stags (depending on your’s and other’s privacy settings you might need to have become “Friends” before you can invite them to the group so make sure you have a complete list of all the guests).

Now the important bit...

The first rule of the brotherhood decrees that what happens at the stag do stays at the stag do. This should be an easy way for the group to share photos but it has been known for the occasional stag do to get involved in things that might not be suitable for everyone’s viewing. I think we all know what we mean here.

So it's probably best to err on the side of caution and keep the group private. Click on the option to set the group's privacy settings so that only those invited to the group can view the images and comments posted by the members of the group.

How to create a Facebook Group Page