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How To Give A Best Man Speech

How To Give A Best Man Speech

Tips from our experts on how to beat nerves and deliver your speech like a pro.

While some people's worst fear is being handed a microphone, others take to it like a duck to quicksand and will happily talk for hours no matter how bored their audience look. The real trick to delivering a best man speech is to look confident while keeping your audience engaged. If you suffer from glossophobia (fear of public speaking) then don’t head for the hills just yet. Our team have years of experience performing around the world, so here on how to give your best man speech.

Dutch Courage

While you might think Mr J Daniels will help take the edge off your nerves, too much alcohol can dry your mouth and cause you to find your speech much funnier than the guests do so go easy on the liquid bravery.

Breathe Deep

While you might think you’re already pretty good at breathing (you've been doing it for years) actually focusing on your breathing can help combat nerves. According to the brains at "Adrenalin (a natural reaction to being afraid) causes you to breathe shallowly. By breathing deeply your brain will get the oxygen it needs and the slower pace will trick your body into believing you are calmer." Controlled breathing is a trick sportsmen and performers have used for years to improve performance.

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Don't Dry Up

The adrenalin associated with nerves can also cause your mouth to dry up so have a glass of water handy. But try not to reach for the glass too often, if people get a feeling that you’re nervous it will put them on edge.

Remember to...

1. Breathe

2. Sip water

3. Stay calm

Be Bold

It's won’t memorize your entire speech but don’t simply read it straight off a print out. Use your speech as a guide rather than something to hide behind. Another handy tip is to print it out in a large font so you can see it easier.

Take Your Cue

Cue cards are even better (especially with possibly trembling hands) as they’re easier to hold than a sheet of paper and don’t need to be folded. Write your speech on pieces of card roughly the size of a smart phone. Put a different phase of your speech (intro, jokes about the groom, thanks yous, etc) on each card or just highlight the key points or jokes as a prompt.

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Give 'em the Eye

Making eye contact is a sign of confidence. Use your printed speech or cue cards as a guide/prompt rather than just staring reading it like a robot and take time to look up and look the guests in the eye.

Remember to...

1. Breathe

2. Sip water

3. Stay calm

4. Print your speech clearly

5. Use cue cards

6. Make eye contact

Slow Down

Take your time. Giving a best man speech should be al jog rather than a sprint. Speak loudly and clearly, suggest "Speak more slowly than you would in a conversation, and leave longer pauses between sentences. This slower pace will calm you down, and it will also make you easier to hear, especially at the back of a large room.”

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice reading your speech aloud as much as possible before the wedding. When you’re feeling more confident find someone to give you some feedback. Plus the more you practice the more of your speech you’ll commit to memory, which again will give you more confidence.

Rock the Mic

If you're using a microphone when giving your best man speech then you need good mic technique. Don't rest or press the mic against your mouth, this muffles the sound. The mic should be roughly one to two inches from your lips. If you turn your head make sure your mic hand moves with your mouth. And remember, you're not a rapper, holding the bowl (metal, domed mesh at the top of the mic) won’t make you look more "street", it’ll just muffle the sound.

Remember to...

1. Sip water

2. Stay calm

3. Print your speech clearly

4. Use cue cards

5. Make eye contact

6. Don’t rush

7. Practice

8. Hold the mic properly

  • So stop worrying, start practicing and go get ‘em tiger!

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